The Ministries of our church are designed to create an environment where people can exercise their God given S.H.A.P.E. (Spiritual Gifts, Hearts Passion, Abilities, Personality Style, and Experiences).  Thus, every partner is expected to commit to serving in ministry.


This Ministry is responsible for all audio/video taping and the operation and functions of the sound systems. The Audio/Video Ministry is also responsible for the production of radio and television programming.

Christian Education
This Ministry is designed to effect growth in one’s relationship to Christ.  Intellectual development is just a means for developing the “Jesus Nature” which was implanted in regeneration by the Holy Spirit.  The arms of this ministry are Church School, an expository approach to scripture; Growth Groups, small group dynamics with a practical approach; and Christian Development Phases, which are designed to equip the members for ministry.

This Ministry is responsible for producing religious plays, skits, praise dancing and monologues that spiritually build up the creative nature of the members while inspiring a diversified audience.

Golden Vessels
This Ministry is to plan and design activities that will enhance the spiritual, educational, recreational and social environment of our senior members.  This ministry is comprised of both male and female members who are at least 50 years of age and older.

This Ministry is to show kindness as we embrace those who enter into the sanctuary, and to assist those in need during worship service.

This Ministry exists to ensure that members and friends of Gospel Truth Tabernacle of God Church enjoy a comfortable worship experience and encourages fellowship of fellow sojourners.

Intercessory Prayer
This Ministry is to encourage other intercessors to be attentive to the voice of God, to be faithful and committed to prayer, both corporately and privately, and to understand that we stand in the gap for the people of God, pleading their cause before the Lord. We literally have been commissioned to voluntarily put ourselves in the line of fire for another.

Every brother of G.T.T. is a part of this ministry.  The purpose is to create a strong bond of brotherhood and solidarity among the men.  They must be a support to the church and to the Pastor as men of God.

Music Ministry
This Ministry is to establish the highest order of musical excellence in honor and glorification of God and to enhance the overall ministry of the church by providing choirs, soloists and praise and worship teams to help lead the congregation in a meaningful experience. A special dedication towards the spiritual inspiration and uplifting of the people of God is required.

New Members
This Ministry is responsible for completing informational questionnaire for new members, maintaining a personal, on-going contact with new members until they become established in the church, and to follow-up on first-time visitors by telephoning and/or sending letters.

The purpose of the Nursery is to provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere in which babies and toddlers may be supervised. This allows parents the opportunity to give their undivided attention to worship.  The caretakers endeavor to meet both the spiritual and physical needs of this age group during this time of care as well as an extension of the parental training.

This Ministry is responsible for the entire upkeep of God’s house. This includes cleaning, maintenance, beautification, acquiring equipment and supplies, controlling the parking areas, transporting members to and from services and providing valet services when needed.

This Ministry has the task of organizing teams to carry the gospel to the community and the world.  Their essential function is: Evangelism, Discipleship, missions, prison/jail and Convalescent outreach.

This Ministry is responsible for all postings on the bulletin board and the outdoor sign.  They are also responsible for the production of weekly bulletins, newsletters, brochures, booklets, and other publications.

Royal Guard
This Ministry has the responsibility of being the “watchmen” over the body, providing a safe and spiritually conducive environment for the partners and visitors of Gospel Truth Tabernacle, as well as maintaining proper order at all church functions.

This Ministry is for those 18 years and over, single, divorced or widowed.  It is responsible for developing a Christian program that will inform unmarried members of their role in the Body of Christ.

This Ministry is specifically designed to keep in touch with those members who have been absent from worship service and those who are shut in.  The primary reason for the call is one of exhortation.  This ministry shall also take the requests of the members contacted and forward them to the appropriate department to be handled.

We Care
This Ministry is responsible for ministering to those in the body of Christ who are bereaved, ill, or hurting, as well as to serve the Body of Christ in love, excellence and with cheerfulness.  Godly compassion is a requirement for those serving in this ministry.

This Ministry is responsible for developing Christian programs, which will encourage and motivate all female members of the church to fulfill their God given purpose in the body of Christ.

This Ministry works along side of the family to minister to the youth through special programs, training, and activities in a Christian environment while building and enhancing Christian attitudes, character, and conduct.
"Love Ye One Another"