Gospel Truth Tabernacle of God (G.T.T.) was founded in February, 1984 by Mother Teveta Kirkwood.  With the assistance of two of her sons, Donald L. and Clinton Jr., and her brother Felton Williams Jr., Mother Kirkwood incorporated G.T.T. in the State of Michigan.  Following the leading of the Holy Spirit, Mother Kirkwood appointed her husband, Bishop Clinton W. Kirkwood Sr. as the first pastor. Together they began worship service in the basement of their home.

Believing that Bishop Kirkwood had a special work to do for Christ, his sister-in-law, the late Sis. Ola Thomas became the first member of G.T.T.  In less than a year the number of people coming to worship became so large that services were moved to the Brightmoor Recreation Center in Detroit, Michigan.  

A short time later, G.T.T. moved to their present sanctuary located at 5169 Ogden, the corner of McGraw in Detroit, Michigan.  In 1999, G.T.T. celebrated the blessings of the Lord with a mortgage burning service.

During a special service in 2000, Bishop Kirkwood was ordained as “Bishop” by the Apostle Henry Brownlee, Bishop Ronald Hall, Bishop Henry Wayne White, Bishop Earl Fields, and Elder Maurice “Ted” Beard.  Also during this time, the Lord providentially led Bishop Kirkwood’s second son, Donald L., to the ministry.  
In August, 2002, Bishop Kirkwood due to illness retired from his position of pastor opening the way for Minister Donald L. Kirkwood to succeed him.

Donald L. Kirkwood is the third of four children born to the union of Bishop Clinton W. Kirkwood Sr. and Mother Teveta (Williams) Kirkwood.  Donald L. was reared in Delray a small community in Detroit and graduated from Southwestern High School.  He attended Wayne County Community College and Highland Park Community College before graduating with a Bachelor Degree from the University of Michigan, Dearborn Campus.

Growing up in a very strict religious environment, Donald L. recognized the calling of the Lord at a very early age.  After joining the Detroit Police Department in 1973, Donald L. increasingly felt the unction of the Holy Spirit and attended Michigan Theological Seminary in 1998.  Finally yielding to the call of the Lord, Donald L. retired from the Police Department in April, 2000 and entered the ministry a short time later.

Minister Don was led to Las Vegas, Nevada in August 2001 by the Holy Spirit and joined Berean Christian Fellowship under the direction of Pastor Michael A. Lowrey.  Approximately two years later, the Lord spoke and told Minister Don to return to Detroit to lend whatever assistance he could to his father (Bishop Kirkwood) who had become ill. 

In February 2003, Minister Don returned home, only to find the church without a shepherd.  After a few months had passed, Minister Don was asked to become the new pastor.  During the transition, many members had decided to leave the flock, with only thirteen members remaining.

During a special consecrated service on October 10, 2003, Minister Don was officially appointed as Pastor of Gospel Truth Tabernacle of God.  Armed with a new vision, determination and a strong dependence upon God, Pastor Don implemented a strong “word ministry” and a radical view of praise and worship.  With the blessings of the Lord, G.T.T.’s membership has steadily increased and continues to show positive growth unto this day!

"Love Ye One Another"
Pastor Donald L. Kirkwood
In Loving Memory:
Teacher Felton Williams Jr.
Minister Ida Williams
Rear left - Pastor Don, Bro in law Allen May, Sis Sharon May, Sis in law. Myrah Kirkwood, Bro. Clinton  Kirkwood Jr., Bro Derrick Kirkwood.

Seated - Mother Teveta Kirkwood
Bishop Clinton W. Kirkwood Sr.